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Finding A Responsible Corgi Breeder - Part 3

Hi Again, and welcome to Part 3 (You finally made it!) In this part, we will explore WHERE you can get a Furbulous pupper of your own. Currently, I will be covering US and Canada. I will add more resources once I find them. :) Livin' in The U.S. Of A Purebred Puppies/Dogs The best resource for locating a PUREBRED corgi in the USA is through the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America. Here you will find a comprehensive list of Corgi Breeders in the States. By no means is it a guarantee that the dog will be healthy and quality puppies, but it is a great starting point. We suggest you follow the points made in Part 2 so that you...

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Finding A Responsible Corgi Breeder - Part 2

Okay Tibby's Mom, You're Extra Ranty I Get It, So How Do I Identify One Of These "Responsible Breeders"? Hi, and welcome to Part 2! So in Part 1 I went over why you should get a dog from a responsible breeder (I HOPE!). Now, we will talk about how to look for a responsible breeder. There is a lot of articles that tell you what a responsible breeder looks like, and from my own experience this I have compiled a list of things I look for, and hope this helps you :D! 1. Responsible Breeders WANT to Get To Know You Responsible breeders want to get to know you. They want to know what your lifestyle is, and whether...

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Finding A Responsible Corgi Breeder - Part 1

So now you have Fluffin' Corgi Fever, now what? All this Fluffin Could Be Yours! You sweat, obsess and stalk corgis in all your waking hours. You aww over their little chubby bellies, long after their short little stumps, and creep the Instagrams of countless CelebriCorgs all times of the day. And now you have decided that you MUST. HAVE. ONE. OF. YOUR.OWN. So, now what? How do you get some of that sweet, sweet corgi fluff in your own life? Let me first tell you a secret, you CAN have a puppy like Tibby. Tibby's good looks and great personality is NOT a happy accident - she's the result of exceptional breeding, careful planning and decades of experience.  First, I...

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